Growth – Photo exhibition

“In nature there is no wrong, no shame. A plant doesn’t ask if it can grow. It doesn’t ask where or how.
We grow. Unapologetically.”

GROWTH is a photo project that aims to empower womanhood, dismantle body shaming and take inspiration from our natural habitats for non-judgmental existence. This exhibition brings together certain bodies of humans and the nature of the North Sealand coast.
It brings awareness to some assumptions of body image and biases on what we find acceptable and question the expectations of beauty and – in this case - the representation of caucasian bodies.
It also aims to rebalance our relation to nature, to see it\'s body as a part of our own by drawing parallels between the two and to learn from it to grow, unapologetically. By visually zooming in we might be able to detach from what we are identified as and bring forth our interconnected nature.
The process we went through has transformative potential; a change in perception of bodies, our own and others. It’s an artistic way for collective growth to happen.

Looking forward to see you there and share this project with you!
Entrance is free in the opening hours of Godsbanen.

Growth is a photo project by Ágnes Grélinger
Collaborators: Dalma Dóra Nagy, Shosha Raymond, Malene Heidemann, Kari Vig Petersen
Project assistant: Dalma Dóra Nagy
Supported by: Godsbanen Århus, Tårnby Park Studio and Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen, Denmark
Special thanks to: Jon Hoff and family, Ry Højskole, Søren Bresling, Morten Kaae, Lara Ostan Vejrup