Open neighborhood: Institut for (X)

Open neighborhood event is part of a series of gatherings in relation to project Memorial B-Hus. Here we will document and discuss the changes currently happening in the area Aarhus K, more specifically Institut for X.
THIS EVENT: Institut for (X) is a unique hub for urban innovation in Aarhus. Part squat in a railway waste-land, part urban research, part self-build wooden structures, part urban gardening, part startups and inno-vation center, part capacity building, part workshop, part post-capitalist society model.
SPEAKER: Christian Juul Wendell (DK), Institut for (X), presents key methods and experiences where fun and functionality are combined. It’s an essential guide to micro-topias and the concept ‘positive gentrification’.

We will begin with the presentation at Café Mellemfolk (Vestergade 69) and move to our location, B-huset, Here you will be encouraged to engage yourself with the environment. Through the workshops we will create a collection of citizen opinions (pictures and comments) about the subject to be gathered in a book. The book will be the physical collective and commemoration of the area as it was as well as a valuable shared source of inspiration to live on after the demolition has taken place.

16.00: Talk in Café Mellemfolk by Christian Juul Wendell
16.30: Walking to Institut for X
16.45: Workshop introduction
17.30: Open Fora – sharing experiences

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