Which Witch

Talking GENDERS 2021 collaborates with Åbne Scene in the form of an artistic laboratory facilitated by the artists and sisters Tone and Linn Haldrup Lorenzen. They usually work independently in their artistic practices, but with the support from Talking GENDERS 2021 they join forces. Which Witch is the outcome of their collaborative research, together with a group of fellow artists

Throughout July the group will work on their artistic experiments and the work will be shared during The Genderhouse Festival 8-9 October 2021.

In a labyrinth without walls you are invited into an investigation of feministic clowning. This performative exploration asks animating and satirising questions of prejudice and privilege. Through the techniques of ASMR in a 360 live performative space, voices that crawl into your brain and tickle your neck from within. Exploring ASMR and the queerness of the clown, the artists experiment with humour as a healing weapon, when really there is nothing to laugh about.

The project is supported by The Danish Art Council, Nordic Culture Point and Nordic Mobility Fond.

Participating artists:

Tone Haldrup Lorenzen
Linn Haldrup Lorenzen
Sepideh Khodarahmi
Karoline Holland
Monia Matilda Penttinen
Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn
Luna Sound Artist
Naia Burucoa

Artistic consultant:

Stacey Sacks

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