Cartographs + Support: kollapse


Cartographs is a post-metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark.


➤ HQ åbner: 19.00

​➤ Koncertstart: 20.30

➤ Forsalg: 60 kr.

➤ Entré i døren: 80 kr.

➤ HQ Resident DJs: 23-05

➤ Kærlighed: 110%


Since they were formed in 2014, a more alluring and atmospheric sound has evolved, with influences from black metal and folk music, the band has since grown into something more compelling. It results in captivating songs that reflects the emotional musical journey the band has taken since their inception.

“Our music has always been meant to move people, help people and give them a space in which to reflect”, Caspar Schaap, guitar player and main songwriter, explains.  “When we first started, we were a melodic hardcore band focused more on riffs and cool beats than genuine songwriting. Lyrically the themes where personal battles and sadness. Now we have matured, and the musical approach has changed as well as our philosophy concerning lyrics. Although the core concept of wanting to move and help people has remained the same, it is now reinvigorated and reinforced due to our new mindset.”

With the release of their anticipated debut album in March 2019, Cartographs is set to make the next step as a band. The album is live recorded to come as close as possible in capturing the intensity of a Cartographs show. It is produced by the talented Chris Kreutzfeldt, who worked before with acts like Cabal, Møl and Ghost Iris.

Caspar continues, “We have taken a different approach to songwriting, wanting to write genuine pieces of music rather than just songs or tunes. We mixed our love for beautiful orchestral music and folk songs with our natural affinity for the harsh side of music and have created a stronger bond between the two. At the same time, lyrically we changed from more personal matters to philosophical and folklorish subjects. All in our own way of conveying experiences, ideas and feelings. In the end, the music feels much more grounded, much more organic than before to us. We feel like we have found our roots. We have put our hands in the dirt and found something primal in us all.”

Since their inception Cartographs has already released three singles, and an EP entitled ‘Safe Travels’, as well as toured most of Europe playing alongside acts such as Comeback Kid (CA), Bane (US), Being As An Ocean (US), Desolated (UK), My Iron Long (US), Cabal (DK), Møl (DK) and Ghost Iris (DK). 

Their debut album “wilt & blossom” was released through Prime Collective on March 1st 2019, and has already received captivating words on the way from reviewers abroad.

Metal Hammer UK 8/10, Distorted Sound Mag 8/10, Heavy Metal DK 8/10, Angry Metal Guy 4/5.

+ Support: kollapse

kollapse are a four piece from Aalborg in Denmark. They have a long line of shows and releases to their name. Since releasing their epic debut full length ANGST in 2017, the band has gone through a line up change, adding a new guitarist. The last couple of years, kollapse have been focusing on writing unembellished, intensely personal and uncompromising music – with lyrics solely in their mother toungue they take the plunge into existential crisis, isolation and living with mental health issues. Having shed their old skin, the band comes across as heavier in every aspect of their unique vision. Their journey continues inwards, plunging deeper into introversion and raw emotion.